A downloadable game for Windows

An entry for the #KrassJam  72 hours. Theme:  A game where you mine ore from mythological places using science.

Robots are sent through portals to mine a mythical ore from mythical lands, where humans can't survive. Interference through the portals causes major package loss on instructions.  With these rough conditions, can you claim all these resources from the inhabitants of these Mythical Lands.

2 hours of sleep, does not a good description  make.


  1. Generate your actions by pressing the Generate Button
  2. Drag some or all of the generated icons to the programming track and hit the Execute Button
  3. The icons corresponds  to things your characters can do and will execute in sequence from left to right
  4. You can Move, Turn, Attack or Mine
  5. Keep an eye on the Mythical Creatures, They will shoot if they catch you in the line of sight

WIN:   To win, either exterminate all the mythical creatures, or excavate (Mine) all the crystals.

LOSE:   If you lose all your mining robots


Install instructions

Unzip zip file. And Click on the EXE.


TechnoMystic_WIN.zip 27 MB


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On a serious note, game was fun, wish I had the ability to move the camera around to plan my moves. Took me a second to figure out how to save and when to pull out, otherwise nice entry.

Thanks for checking it out Riu! I would have loved to do camera controls.  I agree fully.  Happy to hear you had some fun with the concept.

It is made in unity....

Oh the travesty!  ;)